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Take a trial flight or learn to fly in Cambridgeshire.

Our flying school has everything you need on site, from your very first flight to your Skills Test and beyond.

Benefit from learning to fly in a friendly and supportive flying club environment. We fly modern aircraft and are located in the centre of a large area of open and unrestricted airspace, the ideal training environment.

Learn To Fly

We offer flying lessons all year round on the popular Ikarus C-42. Comfortable and fun to fly the C-42 is a stable and forgiving aircraft, perfect for student pilots. More about our aircraft.

We are based at Chatteris airfield in North Cambridgeshire, between Cambridge and Peterborough. We fly 7 days a week, all year round. Our Prices.

Gift Vouchers

A Trial flying lesson is an unforgettable experience, treat a loved one with a gift voucher or sample the fun of flying for yourself.

We we tailor the flight to your needs so if you are just looking for the experience of being airborne and enjoying the view, or you would like more hands on time with the aim of taking regular lessons in the future, just let us know when you book the flight. Aviation is addictive and after a trial flying lesson many continue learning and obtain their pilots license.

If you have previous flying experience in other aircraft then you will be able to build on this in your C-42 flight. Likewise if it’s your first ever flight, we will bear this in mind. Buy a trial flight voucher.

Flying Club

Alongside the flying school we have an active and friendly flying club, with members arranging informal fly outs and social events throughout the year.

Club members offer support to student pilots and are often around to chat, even on non flyable days.

Find out more about our club.

Flying School

We teach the National Private Pilots License course which is the most affordable way to learn to fly in the UK. The NPPL has a minimum of 25 hours tuition including solo time and 2 cross country flights. Once completed the NPPL allows other rating to be added, allowing you to fly the vast majority of recreational light aircraft in the UK. Each flying lesson lasts for an hour but please allow two hours per lesson to allow for pre-flight and post-flight briefing and also to enjoy a chat with other flying club members along with a complimentary cup of tea or coffee.



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