Learning to fly is a fun challenge. Anyone can learn from 14 years+, we currently have students from 14-78 years old. The only limit is that you must weigh 107kg (17 stone) or less. Medical requirement are simple: If you can drive a car, you can fly a microlight.

A flying lesson consists of a briefing, an hour of flying and a debriefing afterwards so we allocate a two hour slot per lesson. Our lesson start times are: 10am, 12pm, and 2pm, with 4pm available from March to October.

To qualify as a pilot you’ll need to fly for a minimum of 25 hours in total. However it is rare for someone without previous flying experience to be able to complete all the training in that time, 35-45 hours is more typical for a beginner. Most people elect to spread the cost over a year or two of learning, but training can be done more intensively it you prefer, this will tend to reduce the total hours needed. We can be flexible so let us know what works best for you. Find out more about The NPPL Course

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About the airfield:

Chatteris Airfield is an ideal place to learn, it is situated in uncongested and unrestricted airspace in North Cambridgeshire.

We have 4 runways offering 8 different directions of take off and landing so your training will not limited by cross-winds. Also being in the lowest rainfall part of the UK we offer more flyable days than most flying schools are able to.

New for summer 2024:

Exclusively for our own students: We now have an option to buy a share in an aircraft while you are learning, allowing you to learn at discounted own aircraft rates, and then continue flying post licence in a familiar aircraft for just £28 per hour plus fuel one qualified. Spaces are limited to ensure good availability of the aircraft, please contact us for more details if you are interested.



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