Flying lessons:

From your trial flight to your pilot’s licence, it can all be done at Chatteris:

Training on a school aircraft£160 per hour
Training using your own/syndicate aircraft£90 per hour
Solo in your own/syndicate aircraft£60 per hour
Ground school£35 per hour
Exams£40 each
Club fees£25 per quarter

There are no charges for pre-flight or post-flight briefings, and there is no surcharge for fuel, circuits, tea/coffee/biscuits or anything else.

To book a lesson email or call/text: 07879779280

Find out more about The NPPL Course.

               Gift Vouchers:
Trial flying lesson 30 minutes Buy a voucher£99
Trial flying lesson 60 minutes Buy a voucher£179

25hrs package deal:

25 hour flight training package deal, includes:

  • 25hrs of flight tuition.
  • The two NPPL course books: Fixed Wing Briefing Notes by Paul Dewhurst and the Microlight Pilot’s Handbook by Brian Cosgrove.
  • Your own personal log book to record your flights.
  • The NPPL syllabus book to track your progress.
  • Laminated Checklist and a CD with the Ikarus C-42 pilot’s operating handbook.*
  • 6 hrs of ground school.
  • All 5 Exams
  • One full year’s club membership.

* All of our students get laminated checklists and the pilot’s operating handbook for free.

25hrs Course: £4250 (Saves £250 on the pay as you go price.) Any extra flight/ground school time required can be paid for pro-rata.

Contact us to find out more.

New for summer 2024:

We now have an option to buy a share in an aircraft while you are learning, allowing our students to learn at the discounted own aircraft rate above and then continue flying post licence for just £28 per hour plus fuel. Spaces are limited to ensure good availability of the aircraft, please contact us for more details if you are interested.

Post licence qualifications:

As part of the BMAA wings scheme we are proud to offer the following post licence flying courses:

Controlled airspace course

Gain more confidence in transiting airspace with our tailor made day course, a chance to practice the skills learned on the FRTOL course in the real world.

BMAA strip skills course

Improve your short field skills and gain confidence visiting farm strips, open up a whole new world of flying with many more destinations to choose from.

Price for both courses is per hour’s flying as above.

Contact us for more details.



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