Test your Ground School knowledge with our festive quiz:

1. What does +SHSN mean in a TAF

2. Stansted airport is closed due to snow, how will this be reported in a METAR?

3. Santa is flying at 4300ft on a QNH of 1003 under controlled airspace which has a base of FL45. Is Santa in control airspace?

4. You have left your aircraft out on a freezing cold winter’s day. It’s dry but humid, what type of ice may form on it?

5. You are flying on Christmas eve and see Santa and his sleigh on your right at the same altitude as you, it looks like you are on a converging path, who has right of way and what should you do?

6. Santa is travelling at 270kts (He doesn’t hang about) he has a tailwind of 30knots, how long will it take him to travel 150nm?

7. With a tail wind is low pressure likely to be to Santa’s left or right when he is in the Northern Hemisphere?

8. You are delivering presents in your aircraft, and load then behind your aircraft’s C of G, will this make your aircraft more or less stable in pitch than it would be without the presents?

9. On Form 215 the area you will be flying in is forecast: LOC 800M SN MON AND N. What does this mean?

10. Rudolph need to clear a row of tall chimneys after his take off run so he needs his best angle of climb, is this Vx or Yy?

11. Santa is flying IFR at Flight Level 40, what magnetic headings will he be flying between?

12. You have eaten too many mince pies over the Christmas Holidays and now weigh 95kg, your friend has a weakness for brandy butter and has a post Christmas weight of 85kg. Your microlight has an empty weight of 265kg, how many litres of fuel can you carry without exceeding your MTOW of 450kg?


Scroll down for the answers:







1. Heavy snow showers 2. SNOCLO, 3. Yes, but Santa has a special exemption from NATS 4. Hoar frost 5. Santa has right of way, you should turn right and pass behind, don’t forget to wave 6. 30 minutes 7. Left 8. Less stable 9. Localised 800 meter visibility in snow in the mountains and in the north of the zone,10. Vx 11. Between 180o and 269o 12. 7 litres (6.94 for the pendants.)

And Finally… Name the Christmas song: EGNT 151750 270/03 0800 FG OVC 002 05/05

Happy Christmas from AAA Microlights 🙂



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